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  BAMBUDDHA IBIZA - Restaurant, Bars, Shops & Lounges - MediterrAsian Cuisine Ibiza


Bambuddha IBIZA
 MediterrAsian Restaurant, Bars, Shops & Lounges
Ctra San Juan, km 8.5, Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza - +34 971 197 510

Famed restaurant in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, founded back in 1999 and fully created by

John Moon - Founder & Elder of the Black Sheep Tribe

His extensive Asian travels were his inspirational source when he settled down in Ibiza after a hectic life, where he started rebuilding and creating a themed philosophical-spiritual-social centre for his friends. So over the years, by hard labor, the home of Johns former BUDDHA Bar transformed from seasonal restaurant on party-island Ibiza, into the famous and popular Temple of the Black Sheep Tribe, a true Temple of Love & Peace, Bambuddha Grove, according to his vision.

For the especially designed Fusion dishes, inspired by the ancient spice route from Spain to Japan, he trademarked ’MediterrAsian™’ and not much later Bambuddha GroveMUSIC, and pro-active John also opened 2 shops and 2 bars ’indoors’.
John is still general manager of the premises today although his original plan was to retire in 2009, when he was 63, but this legendary and much appreciated man, a true Ibiza Icon, is not at the end of his Journey’ yet and is still happily exploring old & new spiritual paths. The restaurant was renamed in 2013: BAMBUDDHA !!


Bambuddha’s abundant luxurious Oriental style,
decorated with ancient erotic artifacts, sultry, sumptuous furnishings, oriental art, beautiful Zen like gardens, stone statues and various separate areas, breaths the 70’s and looks downright spectacular.

Typical for Bambuddha are one female, one transsexual and one male Buddha that represent Tolerance, Freedom & Respect, all three in different color, to display the diversity of human sexuality and the multitude of races.

You are welcomed by big size Ganesh and Hanuman figures at the Gateway (entrance), to your right you find Asian inspired Sasha Moon Boutique,
The Siam Bar serving the finest cocktails and wines,
The Tantra Boutique filled with tantalizing products by daughter & designer Sasha Moon who is responsible for designs and the buying for the boutiques.
The Tantra Garden Lounge with decoration inspired by Indian erotic stone carvings
The Goa Lounge in real Goa Hippy style
The Zen Garden Lounge with Zen Terrace for dinners and cocktails amidst lush bamboo groves
The VIP Moonlight Pagodas in the popular Moonlight Bedroom Lounge have wooden alcoves for your privacy.
Bambuddha IBIZA is a intense sensual place where one can experience a very special evening with a very special person in a very special intimate environment, with the door closed....VIP members only.

<< Closed Door Room
    - Only VIP members

Tantra Bed >>


- very exclusive vip treatment -

What makes BAMBUDDHA IBIZA’s VIP TREATMENT truly different to any other Ibiza restaurant, is that you are taken to a imaginary faraway world filled with dreams and pleasures, where you can enjoy wonderful food and outstanding service in a luxurious intimate environment surrounded by bamboos and tantalizing artifacts.

The BAMBUDDHA VIP area includes: Individual VIP Lounges and VIP lounges for groups (up-to 12 guests), both inside and outside, to enjoy the best VIP service.

The Moonlight Lounge Pagodas, incl Moonlight Bedroom Lounge are for those very special occasions where you need an intimate space and private area for an exclusive experience.
Upmost privacy while enjoying a very, special intimate dinner in the Closed Door Room.
Exciting laziness while lounging in one of the Tantra Beds.

Experience something truly exclusive, treat yourself to become VIP BAMBUDDHA member and you will also be welcomed with champagne.

  BAMBUDDHA - BALI RESTAURANT - MediterrAsian Cuisine

The center of it all is the legendary Bambuddha’s
Bali Restaurant
, set in an authentic Balinese Banak,
which means there are no walls, only pillars and a pyramid shaped, bamboo roof.

This exclusive, candle lit restaurant serves a wide range of modern Fusion-Sushi and Sashimi recipes, Thai Curries and Japanese specialties and their self invented MediterrAsian cuisine together with a choice of wonderful desserts.
The staff’s only concern is your happiness and they will make sure you feel welcome and are well advised in choosing your menu.

Although Bambuddha IBIZA is past their decade of decadence one can still indulge very exclusive dining in an intimate atmosphere surrounded by sensual art and perfect staff that wait on hand and foot while serving you exquisite dishes or even massages at your dinner table.

Bambuddha will excite you by their Cocktails with challenging names, such as: : Bamboozle, Karmapirinha, Creamy Buddha, Shivalinga, ’Om’ Margarita, Yab Yum.
Or starters with names as: Tom Kha, Tiradito Nikkei.
And various exotic dishes and Curries in 3 levels of heat.

Bambuddha IBIZA - temple for Black Sheep, temple to peace and love


Bambuddha IBIZA is absolutely perfect to host your private event, birthday, convention, wedding, launching, fashion show, photo- or film shoot & party.


Bambuddha is licensed for weddings & blessings, and its sensational exotic ambiance is perfect to declare love. The beautiful Balinese Banjak Hall is easily transformed into a temple of dreams for your perfect wedding day. that can be planned from start to finish, including photographer, flowers, wedding cake, musicians & DJs.


The exotic surroundings of Bambuddha are perfect to celebrate birthdays. Whether you need an intimate pagoda for 4, or the complete venue, Bambuddha caters to any requirements.
Such as pre-cocktails in the Siam Bar followed by a delightful al fresco dinner, and dancing in the TANTRA CLUB afterwards.

Available: pre-planned menus, birthday cakes, presents & various surprises.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

The private surroundings of the VIP Moonlight Pagodas are ideal for exclusive sensational parties for brides or grooms-to-be.
Tailor-made packages include Gourmet, Sensual & Style, with additional extras such as manicurists, stylists, beauticians, photographers & masseurs.

The Pagoda Bachelorette Party includes a personal cocktail waiter and VIP service, which creates and incredibly special experience for all girls.

Product Launchings

Product launches can be arranged on any scale incl. great coverage of your event through our media connections - from cocktail parties to displays at a Moonlight Pagoda or even hiring the complete venue, incl. promotional staff and models to advertise the product, plus photographers and stylists.

Fashion Shows

Many fashion shows were hosted by Bambuddha in the past, from intimate soirees for jewelry designers to full-scale productions incl. live music.
All spaces will be decorated according to your needs and wishes and all extras will be proved from models and stylists to DJs.
Press, public relations, invitations, media coverage and reviews can be arranged professionally.

  Bambuddha Ibiza

Ctra San Juan, km 8.5,
Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza
tel.: +34 971 197 510
postal addres:
Apdo de Correos # 625
07840 Santa Eualia del Rio
Ibiza, Baleares, Spain


Visitors Today: 3

visitors total: 29837
Started: 16-10-2010 -------------------- Changed: 29-06-2016


BAMBUDDHA IBIZA - Exclusive MediterrAsian Restaurant, Bars, Shops & Lounges, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain